Mailing address

6037 E Empire Ave.

​Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

When Deborah started weaving, she produced mostly garments.  She enjoyed seeing people adorned in her handwoven garments and being transformed into walking works of art.  A few years ago, Deborah began looking at the fabric she weaves as art in itself and started making wall and sculptural pieces.  The synergy between the fiber, color and textures sings to her.  She creates new work by exploring various techniques and styles of weaving.  Influenced mostly by color, she creates dynamic wall works such as the Color Series, Cascade, Illumination, and View from Aloft.  Her work has been shown in galleries and museums across the country, including the Gerald R. Ford Museum in Grand Rapids, MI, the Denver Metropolitan Museum, and the Craftsman Gallery in Tampa, FL.

Working on wall pieces led Deborah to commissions for several churches.  She has woven liturgical banners, alter cloths, and pulpit drapes for a variety of religious denominations, including Catholic, Unitarian and Methodist.  Her colorful handwoven fiber art works well in a religious environment, setting the tone of the season.  Several churches were so pleased with their original commission that they asked Deborah to weave pieces in colors for every season.

Deborah continues to weave garments, wall and sculptural hangings, and liturgical commissions.  She is happy to work with individuals to create new artwork for personal adornment, homes, public spaces, and places of worship.